Illustration of Three Koma showing a shop in the form of game boy advance that sell nintendo goods

Three Koma

Freelance illustrator and graphic designer since 2009.
Self-taught, his style is modern, colourful and inspired by pop culture.
His digital illustrations are dreamy.
He likes to work on the perspective, refines the staging, the details and the shadows. He was awarded by the Club des Directeurs Artistiques.

Inspired by his passions: music, video games, skateboarding, digital…, he observes the world that surrounds him and diverts the objects.
They trust him: Bababam, Groupe Cerise, Kiosk Agence, Prisma Media, L’Express, Agence Asteria, Docaposte, La Poste, La Caisse d’Epargne, Alvarum, Peerworks, Haropa, Ademe, Brasserie La Française, ACid Cannes, Les Echos, So Wine, Axa Prévention