Adolie Day

Committed illustrator,
Adolie offers, through her singular line and tone, a unique, light and dreamlike universe.
Her style is expressed with poetry and modernity on all possible creative media.
By expressing her sensitivity and her own vision of the world, Adolie federates a whole generation of women, her contemporaries, her heroines of today and tomorrow.

Today, Adolie keeps working on several projects: advertising (Monoprix, Alliance Française de Sydney, Culturespace, Samsung+Elite models Paris, Chanel, Ferrero, Unesco, Villa Ephrussi de Rotchild, Etam + Undiz, L’Oréal, Mairie de Vincennes, Skittles, Dyson, Lenovo, Le Particulier, Vincent Guerlais, Galeries Lafayettes, Amazon, Adobe France, Netflix, Mattel, Leonidas, Kenzo kids, Pom d’api shoes, Swatch, La Crème Libre, Interflora, Love and be loved, Pearl Flute…),edition (Flammarion, Margot, Marabout, Editions courtes et longues, Blue arts, First Edition, Editions Marcel et Joachim, Edition 404…), press (Glamour), children play (Clairefontaine) and fashion (Cocolico).

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