Illustration of Kanako showing a happy woman paintingKanako / Agence Marie Bastille


I was born in Tokyo and then I moved to Brazil, I studied painting at the « Tama Art » university in Tokyo and I started to work as an illustrator at the same time. I realized that doing illustration was my dreaming job: answer to orders, draw for the clients, connect concepts, ideas and creativity !!! And it happened in Paris where I live now and where I met success, fans and I fullfiled myself ! Among my numerous clients, I had the privilege to work for Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Dior, Cacharel, Apple, Amnesty International, La Samaritaine Groupe LVMH, Ricola, Remy Gauche, The Place To Be, Free, Les Passages Boulogne-Billancourt, La Maison Piganiol… and also for famous editors: PUF, Vigot, Le Chêne, Hachette, Pocket, Le Livre de Poche… and of course I daily work for My Little Paris !

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