Illustration of Lucia Calfapietra illustrating two person trying to break a glass jar, with arts books inside

Lucia Calfapietra

Lucia Calfapietra, is an Italian illustrator based in Marseille, she works for communication, advertising, publishing, editorial and packaging.
Very inspired by the graphic design and illustration of the ’50s and ’60s, in her digital illustrations she likes to recreate the rendering of vintage printing.
She has illustrated many children’s books, novel covers and posters and regularly collaborates with several international magazines.
The theme of food is very present in her work, because through the act of cooking and sharing a meal we bond and create memories for life.

Among her clients: The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Penguin Books (, , (US), Mondadori, Salani, Giunti, Zanichelli, Newton-Compton, Rizzoli, Vogue bambini, TBWA Italia (ITA), Les Echos Weekend, Fleuve, Mango jeunesse, Grasset jeunesse, Hachette, Didier jeunesse, La Table Ronde, Flammarion, Thierry Magnier, Seuil, Pocket,, Sens et santé (Le Monde), Télérama, Bayard jeunesse, Elle à Table (FR), Hinkler Books (AUS), Le vif-l’Express (BEL), Tapas magazine (SPAIN) Therapy Today, Teen Breathe (UK) …