Illustration of Mad'moiselle C of a woman looking at her phone while it's snowing

Mad’moiselle C

From Paris to Singapour, Mademoiselle C. (alias Charline Fabry), wanders with her felt pens and brushes for the pleasure of her clients, working in various fields such as Citroën, Wondercity, Mademoiselle Bio, Loréal, Dior, Acqua di Parma, Garnier, Yves Rocher, Wilkinson, Les Laboratoires Cys Control, Giphar, Napolitain de Lu, Monoprix, Starbucks, Lavazza, Deli France, Breteuil, Buccolam, Raison de santé
She illustrates as well for @parisiennelondonienne, the blog dedicated to London based Parisian mothers, always in a soft and poetic universes with a touch of humour…infused with life experiences.