Illustration of Lauren Mortimer representing a woman with a flower growing outside her eye

Lauren Mortimer

Lauren Mortimer, born in Arizona, has become one of the greatest London illustrators !
After studying fashion, she choose to focus on illustration. When she is not drawing for her clients, she likes to wander through the parks of London, daydreaming of Wes Anderson films’ characters… Taking the chance to get caught up with the game and become one of them ! Lead pencils are her best friends, with the most simplest of tools, she creates extraordinary things. She gives life to her subjects, adding textures, patterns, curves in a very realistic style. Inspiration comes from her surrounding world, where she loves to play with a touch of surrealism, giving birth sometimes to amazing creatures such as the ice cream cone-brain or the pistol-rabbit.
Among her clients: Stylist, M le Monde magazine, Vanity Fair, Arte France, Guy Degrenne, Parrot, Angelina …