Mathou, is a lively 30 years old, born in Angers. She is illustrator, author and graphic designer. Her blog « Crayon d’Humeur » is a real success, since 2007 she is sharing her mood and experiences of her woman’s life with colored and rounded illustrations. She has real talent to see the positive way of every day annoyance, embellishing everyday life with fun and enhancing our fault with humour. She has published her first book « Wonder women also have a girdle » at the edition Pop Corn in 2016 and followed with a new book « TOUT PLAQUER / dump it all and go take a bath », a feel good album on all small daily life pleasure. Her clients in advertising are Charles & Alice, Disneyland Paris, Max Havelaar, Tropicana, La Fnac, Yoplait, Kinder, Nivea, Mercurochrome, IDTGV, Microsoft, Intermarché, Le Magazine Parents, First Edition

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