Fredingrado is an illustrator-designer born in Gijón, in the north of Spain. He spent a good part of his childhood and adolescence between countryside and working-class neighborhood, so his personality reflects rural and suburban styles. At 18 he moved to Madrid and started to work in an advertising agency for Jameson Whiskey, Amadeus, American Express, Sagres Beer, Ambar Beer, Grupo Artiach, El Corte Ingles, Acoor Hotels, Endesa Energía… Since 2015 he is working as a freelance for various advertising agencies in Madrid (Método Helmer, Grabarte, Azul Comunicación, Old Boy, DMA Partners, Red Free …) and found his illustration style in the demanding world of advertising creativity. He loves experimenting with illustrations and animations combined with music, making small video clips or looped animations, he collaborates with many rappers and beatmakers all over the world.